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"We didn't know how best to extend our semi-detached home for our growing family. Graham designed an innovative all-glass link extension and remodel that is just stunning. Everyone who sees it is amazed. We pinch ourselves sometimes, that it's really ours!

Process and pricing

The process of design, approvals, and then making those dreams a reality can be a complex path, but my commitment is to support you on that journey for as long as you need me. I also believe that people deserve to know how much things may cost them... not always the case with design professionals... so I provide an outline pricing guide.

Always FREE of charge

From £350

From £650

A price for the whole project *

Charged at a competitive hourly rate

Structural glass, interior architect, rooflight, Design and Build, Turnkey, Graham O'Connor Architecture, Guildford, Surrey

My initial consultation is always free of charge.

We will have detailed discussions about your ideas, your needs, and your dreams; and the opportunities that your property provides. We will talk about things like spaces, functions, materials, styles, and an outline on the approvals that you may need, all to set us on our way...

Initial Consultation

Structural glass extension, bespoke kitchen, wow, Design and Build, Turnkey, Graham O'Connor Architecture, Guildford, Surrey

Following on from the initial consultation, with your approval, I will do a full site survey and then produce design drawings of the property.

Pricing guide:

from £350


Single-storey extensions

New build properties

Loft conversions

Two-storey extensions

from £400

from £450

from £450

from £650


I can also source the latest in virtual reality, if you wish to view the design in this way.

Graham O'Connor Architecture. Property. Professional. Design and Build. Turn key. Architectural Design. Architect. Your home. Dream. Trust

Cornerless extension, bifolding, wow, Design and Build, Turnkey, Graham O'Connor Architecture, Guildford, Surrey

You are likely to need some form of approval for the  project.

The design may fall under 'permitted development' or require planning permission

Permitted development is essentially a set of limitations for changes to your home which, provided you remain within them, do not then require planning permission. Current guidelines can be viewed in full on the Government Portal. It is recommended that any permitted development should apply for a certificate of lawfulness. If the design is outside of permitted development, planning permission will be required.


Natural larch cladding, anthracite, wow, Design and Build, Turnkey, Graham O'Connor Architecture, Guildford, Surrey

Building Regulation Drawings

Construction drawings indicating what materials and processes will be used, to meet building regulation standards. Your fees to the local authority are separate and include the approvals process, site visits by building inspectors, final sign-off, etc.

Planning Drawings


The package required for local authority submission, and monitoring the application.

Please note- the submission fee is paid separately to the local authority. Each application is different and extra surveys, etc. may be required.

from £650


Single-storey extensions

Loft Conversions

Two-storey extensions

From £800

From £900

From £1000

From £1100

New build properties

From £1400

After design and approvals

We will have a fantastic bespoke design, but the success of all great projects then relies on good builders and contractors, and good project management.


Your life will ultimately be more challenging during the construction period, so there are huge benefits to having a managed build. There are a number of routes available here, tailored to your needs: design and build, turn-key, and project management... 

You will get a price for the whole project*

* This price will include some 'provisional sums.' All of the main build costs are always included, but some things are more personal and so costs vary. For example - a price would be assigned to a kitchen; from thsi figure you coudl spend less and get some moeny back, or spend more for a higher specification.

Structural glass roof link, natural stone, wow, Design and Build, Turnkey, Graham O'Connor Architecture, Guildford, Surrey

In partnership with a trusted building company that have worked with for over 10 years, we offer this route.


With huge building material price hikes in recent years, design and build is a great way to work to a budget, from the outset.


In reality, architects and designers can easily design something that is more than someone wants to spend... we've seen as much as 40% over budget, which is often heart breaking for clients... and equally, builders can overspend too, increasing costs; and timelines can slip dramatically.


With design and build you get a price at inception, the collaboration of an experienced designer and an experienced builder, and the reassurance that everything is under control.

Read my article on our design and build route

Design and Build


Turn - Key

Turn-key is taking design and build to the ultimate conclusion- the term has arisen in the industry from the idea that you will open the door to a fully completed project: all interior finishes, new fittings / furniture if required, and working with a trusted interiors specialist from my network.


This can go from support on surface finishes like paints, flooring, etc.; can include things like bespoke lighting design or kitchen design, and can even include complimenting furniture, etc.

Charged at a competitive hourly rate

Project  Management

Project management is where I will stay involved with your project to help manage the delivery of our design with the key contractors.

This ia a lighter touch approach, but ensures the the design and concept are delivered accurately. Some people also choose this option when they are moving out of their home for the works. I would liaise with key contractors, undertake site visits during construction, etc.

Charged at a competitive hourly rate

Hopefully I have explained all of the different options available to you.

If anything is not clear, please get in touch. 


Ultimately a managed build, to whatever level, is very likely to reduce the impact on you and your life.

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